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Shaded when you need it, hidden when you don’t, retractable awnings are the best option for a dynamic patio space. Customize look and feel to the exact style you’re going for.

how it works

When we come for a bid we bring fabrics and show you exactly how everything will mount and operate so you can find the right solution for your space. 

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Fabric Colors
Find a printable spec sheet here.
Other Fabric options

Looking for something more specific? View all our mesh options.

Mesh density
65-80% light blocking

Best to keep out bugs and let breeze pass through.

90% light blocking

Good sun protection. Great outward visibility. 5 year warranty.

95-97% light blocking

Great sun protection. Good outward visibility. 10 year warranty.


Great sun protection. No outward or inward visibility. 5 year warranty.

Fabric Valance Styles

Vertical edges of fabric are open, letting air pass through. Most popular and affordable option.


Vertical edges of fabric have zippers integrated and ride inside the side track, making a full seal. Keeps out bugs, protects from wind, and keeps in heat to extend patio season.

Hardware Colors

*Custom colors available.


  • Push-button control
  • Simpler for all ages to use
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Home optional integration
  • Price
  • Need to run power
  • Reliable crank or chain pull system
  •  Not dependent on electricity
  • Harder to use, especially for multiple Sun Shades
  • Fixed height crank

Why Choose us

Denver's Shade Leaders

Proven dealer. Great service. Top shade dealer in the Rockies.

Quality Components

Industry standard high quality components make an awning built to last.

Custom Design

We have more fabric options, metal colors, and hardware designs to fit in seamlessly.

Frequently asked questions

During the busy season in late spring through early fall, we can be as far out as six weeks. The other times of year, we tend to run closer to three weeks.

Small awnings do fine, but you’ll want to make sure they’re retracted when you don’t need them to avoid risk. For larger shades, while not required, we always recommend adding a motor with a wind sensor. It will judge how your awning is handling gusts and automatically retract if needed.

We usually replace fabrics at 20 years with decent care. Based on what cover it has and how you’ve used it, it could last much less or more than that average.

The crank uses a poll with offset handles so you can rotate it easily. That pole comes in custom colors, lengths, and is completely removable, so no need to worry about it being and eye sore.

3-20 year warranty on metal, moving parts, and joints depending on style of awning. 5 year for fabric. 5 year for motor or crank drive.