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We love the Colorado outdoors

While we’re not busy working, most at our company love to enjoy the outdoors, not just in our well-shaded backyards. That means a deep love for the Rocky Mountains and all they have to offer.

We want you to enjoy it, too

We’re in the business of dreams in the shape of shades that have the feeling of fresh air. Through our years in business locally, we think think about our past customers sitting on their back porches enjoying the best of what our great state has to offer, and avoiding the worst–the blazing Colorado sun. The small piece we play in that is the reason we are in business, and hope to be for years to come.

Our focus

Our focus is providing a great service at a fair price, ensuring our customers are well taken care of and satisfied with our work wherever we can provide it. We have tried different designs of all of our products, and after extensive testing, are proud to install the products we carry.