Blinds & Window Shades

More style, less sun. Window treatments for every room. From blinds to shades to shutters, we’ve got you covered.

Understand your options

There’s a wide (and confusing) variety of window treatments. ~90% of people buy Roller Shades or Plantation Shutters, though situations vary. A summary is below, but its often faster to have an expert come out and walk through options with samples.

Roller Shade Blueprint
Roller Shades

Roll of fabric, modern aesthetic, medium price.

Shutter Blueprint

Louvered wood, traditional or farmhouse style, higher price.

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds Blueprint
Wood Blinds

Wood slats, classic look, low-medium price.

Cellular Shade Blueprint
Cellular Shades

Accordion fabric, energy efficient, medium price.

Roman Shade Blueprint
Roman Shades

Folding fabric, elegant style, medium-high price.

Roman Shade Blueprint
Door Blinds

Custom for any door, privacy, medium to high price.


Elements of a shade

Why Work With Us

Vanessa M.
Vanessa M.
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We had a great experience with Sun Peak. Knowledgeable, professional, and flexible. Their final product looks great and is just what we wanted, and their customer service is excellent. Highly recommend!
Ira L.
Ira L.
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The overall process was professional, quick and easy. The work to install everything went smoothly and the went exactly as described and agreed upon to make sure things were neat and tucked away. I highly recommend them.
Maria W.
Maria W.
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Very professional and great to work with! So happy with our project! Their team left a great lasting impression and we have a beautiful room to live with!

Competitive pricing

We source from multiple vendors to get you the best price.

Superior service

Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves.

Low Maintenance

Issues are rare and we fix problems fast.

5 Year limited warranty

Parts are covered for 5 years or more.

Frequently asked questions

What's your lead time?

It varies, but generally:
-Four weeks during cold seasons
-Six weeks during spring or fall
-Eight weeks during summer

What blinds and shades are in style?

Roller shades and wood plantation shutters are by far the top sellers.  Roller shades are clean, modern, and relatively inexpensive.  Wood shutters are beautiful, timeless, and improve your home’s value.

How do you choose a shade color?

Either blend in or stand out – not in between.  Most people choose neutrals that are similar to their wall color.  We sell a lot of white, beige, and light grey. Or go for contrast, usually a dark vs light or sometimes a bold color.

Whats the difference between blinds, shades, and shutters?

Shades are rolls of fabric that drop down. Blinds have wood slats connected by string. Shutters have louvered wood slats.

Shades are the most common window covering, followed closely by blinds. Shutters are mostly found in higher-end homes.

Do shades keep heat out?

Cellular shades are the most energy efficient window coverings. Their honeycomb design traps air pockets to insulate your windows, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Are wood shutters worth it?

Wooden plantation shutters are expensive, but they’re famously beautiful, timeless, energy efficient, and improve your home’s value. If you have the money, plantation shutters are a good investment.

What is your warranty? How to I register?

  • Fabric: 5-10 years depending on the density
  • Motors: 5-7 years depending on brand
  • Chain pulley: 1 year
  • Shutters: Lifetime and transferrable to a new owner in almost every circumstance

When you buy, you are automatically registered.