Black outdoor retractable patio sun shade partially rolled down



Block the sun, not your view! Patio Shades stop 97% of UV rays, but keep great visibility, making your outdoor space usable again. Rolled up or rolled down, our sleek designs and fabric variety will keep your patio looking great.

how it works

Patio Shades are custom built to fit in seamlessly to your existing structure. We will visit your space in-person, show you samples, and walk you through product options, colors, and details.

Should you motorize?

A motor & remote costs $875, and you may also need to hire an electrician to add an exterior plug (~$300-$500). That being said, you’ll use the shade more often.

If you only need the sun shade for an occasional gathering, then a chain pulley or manual crank is great.  They’re fast and free. They’re just not push-button simple.

FYI: We use gold-standard VOLTA or SOMFY motors. They’re optionally equipped with the latest smart home tech, and they’re famous for durability.

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What fabric density should I choose?

The large majority of people choose 95% light blocking density.  It stops basically all heat, and has great outward visibility.  65-90% densities are available if you highly value visibility. 

How does it hold up over time?

Our structural components (housing, roller, side rails…) are the industry standard for quality. We use thick gauge aluminum tracks and mounting brackets, weather resistant vinyl-coated polyester fabric, and durable epoxy metal coating. All of these elements mean your shade will look and perform like new for a very long time. 

Motors, manual cranks, and chain pulleys are highly durable. We’ve never had to replace a motor or manual crank because of age.  Plastic chain pulleys usually last 10+ years.

Fabrics can start to show age after about 10-15 years, but can be replaced for a fraction of price of the original retractable sun shade.

When we do have an issue, it is usually under warranty. 

You can learn more about our product by visiting our suppliers, Polar Shades and TEXTON.

What is your lead time?

It varies, but generally:

  • Four weeks during cold seasons
  • Six weeks during spring or fall
  • Eight weeks during summer

What widths can you cover?

Anything from 23′ span to 18′ drop can be covered by a single Sun Shade. Multiple shades can link together to cover larger spans.

What is an on-site consultation like?

We like to bring samples to show how your shade will operate and look like in your space. A representative will generally show you colors of fabrics, metals, and explain any applicable details. Once your representative gets measurements and you decide what you like, they are typically able to give you pricing on the spot. 

Generally the whole process lasts around 40 minutes.

What is the warranty?

  • Metal and sliding plastic parts: Lifetime
  • Screen mesh: 5-10 year depending on the density
  • Motor: 5-7 year
  • Manual crank: 5 year
  • Chain pulley: 1 year

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We do zero interest, four month financing, collateralized by available credit on a credit card. Ask us about it when we come for a bid.

Privacy is important to me, what are my options?

95%+ density fabrics are what you’re looking for.

During the day when the sun is shining, they offer great privacy.

During the night when your home lights are shining out, neighbors can see some figures and shapes, but not more detail than that. 

There are a lot of names for this product. What's the right name?

It can be confusing. “Patio Shade” is the most commonly used term. They’re also referred to as sun shades, outdoor shades, outdoor roller shades, and exterior shades.

Awnings are a different class of product that extend horizontally instead of dropping vertically.

Screens are lighter weight, and are designed for bug control rather than sun control.

Screened-in porches: Retractable vs Permanent

Both options work well. Retractables are generally preferred because they can roll up when you’re not using them, making your view unobstructed. That comes at a higher price point compared to the permanent option.

Permanent screen-ins work better than most might expect. We install these with tuff screen to resist pets and abrasions, so it lasts. However, the permanent solution comes at the cost of posts every 36-48″ across the span. Its the only way to make something that stands up to the wind.

Can you Create a garage door screen?

While it is a less common application, we do many installs over a garage door to create a screened-in workshop space. Using zipper side tracks, mounting the roll on the outside of the garage door opening, we can completely seal the full opening.

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mesh Colors
Find a printable spec sheet here.
Non-standard Mesh options

Looking for something more specific? Chat with an expert on the phone.

Mesh density
65% light blocking

Best to keep out bugs and let breeze pass through. Available only in black.

90% light blocking

Good sun protection. Great outward visibility. 5 year warranty.

95% light blocking

Great sun protection. Good outward visibility. 10 year warranty.

mesh edge
Standard - Most Popular

Vertical edges of fabric are open, letting air pass through. Most affordable option.


Vertical edges of fabric have zippers integrated and ride inside the side track, making a full seal. Keeps out bugs, protects from mild wind, and keeps in heat to extend patio season. 

WARNING: This product is known to roll up and down crooked if that happens while its windy.

Hardware Colors

*Custom colors available.

Why Choose us

Proven Shade Leader

Great service. Top screen and shade dealer in the Rockies.

quality components

Industry standard high quality components make a shade built to last.

CUSTOM design

We have more fabric options, hardware colors, and hardware designs to fit in seamlessly.