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What to consider

Are you trying to maximize natural light for a kitchen window? Do you need your bedroom as dark as possible?

Its most common to opt for a covering somewhere in the mid-light range, but there truly are many options to talk through from sheer (~60% dense) fabrics to blackout-style coverings. 

If you want to nix your nosy neighbor or maintain a view, there are plenty of styles of coverings to get that done.

Glare reduction? Insulation? Furniture protection? On a high level, it’s good to have thought through the most common use case for covering each window and the differences room to room. It’s fairly common to mix and match covering types to get the best of all worlds.

Whats your style? What coverings match which aesthetic? While there is absolutely some variation in styles, here is our guideline:

Roller shades: simple, clean, modern, usually neutral colors, most popular right now

Shutters & drapes: traditional, rustic, timeless

Center Tilt:

Louvers are connected by a vertical bar in the front center.

Hidden Tilt:

Louvers are connected by a vertical bar on the back of the shutter and justified to one side so its not visible from most angles.

Invisible Tilt:

Louvers are connected via gears at the axis points in the frame. Completely hidden.

Close up Shutter

There are 3 shutter louver sizes. 

2.5″ – Best for very small windows

3.5″ – Most popular by far

4.5″ – Best for certain styles and to maximize your view

Our warranties on shutters pass ownership, so you’ll contribute to the value of your home.

Most homes have one window thats a little wacky. We’re here to cover it all. 

Arched windows, curves around door handles, etc. are just some examples of what might come in handle-y.

The new standard for windows is cordless. Theres a few options for how to operate them, but cordless is the way to go.

Nothing gets you pure privacy the way slatted blinds do. If you’re looking to block a nosy neighbor, blinds are a great option.

Straightforward to clean–blinds get it done easy. You can have them looking like new in no time. 

Nothing is better for the budget than blinds. Happy to talk through options and make sure you can get the best bang for your buck.

1 Years and Counting

Roller Shades

Interior roller shades are the hottest window covering. Find the most contemporary styles by getting a free consult with one of our designers.

Window & door Blinds

Worried about what to pick when it comes to blinds? Get a professionally installed, quality solution using the most innovative products.

Patio shade on outdoor grill

Patio Shades

Exterior shades are our bread and butter. Talk with the most knowledgeable consultants in the industry to shade your patio.

Plantation shutters

Sturdy, quality, and well-warrantied, we only sell the best. Looking for a covering for an odd-shaped window? We will take care of it.

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