Single Door


Single Door

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Single Door

Screened when you need it, hidden when you don’t, single retractable screen doors roll up when not in use. They provide maximum fresh air when open, and blend into the background when closed. Our industry-leading retractable screen doors are custom-fit, fully warrantied, and come in in a range of colors.

how it works

We custom cut everything so it fits seamlessly inside of your door moulding for maximum hide. When we come for a bid we’ll bring samples and show you how each part will fit into your doorway.

Get inspired

7' Standard Height

Up to 84" tall and 48" wide
$ 549 Parts & Labor
  • Installed by a pro
  • Lifetime warranty on parts, one year on mesh
  • Custom cut to fit your door
More common

8' Oversized height

Up to 100" tall and 48" wide
$ 599 Parts & Labor
  • Installed by a pro
  • Lifetime warranty on parts, one year on mesh
  • Custom cut to fit your door


  1. Give us a call and schedule a measurement appointment.
  2. We bring samples and colors, show you what its going to look like on your door, and give you pricing on the spot.
  3. We do most of our fabrication off-site, so installs are usually pretty simple and straightforward. We show up on time, install, and clean up usually in 1-2 hours.

Most of the time we run about two weeks out, during the busy season that is more like five. In some situations we come to the bid appointment with materials to install if you say go.

No sweat. Most cases you can just ensure there are no wrinkles in the fabric and then open and close the door to reset the fabric back into the tracks. In the case of the pull bar falling out of the tracks:

1. Extend the pull bar out past the doorway to expose additional fabric and ensure there are no folds.

2. Put the top of the pull bar into the top track.

3. While holding the top of the pull bar stationary, angle the bottom towards the housing, then straighten the pull bar back into the bottom track.

4. Open and close the screen to reset fabric into the tracks.

If your screen is torn or still won’t retract well, give us a call so we can set up a service appointment.

No. There are rubber bumpers on the door that prevent slamming. In some cases our customers want a brake inside retracting mechanism. Mention that you want it to your representative, and we will include it in the door at no charge.

Small pets can’t get through the door, but anything more than 25 lbs can run into the door causing it to slam open. In most cases we see, the pet (or child) learn from that experience and it doesn’t happen again. In some circumstances, we advise a vinyl sticker at eye level on the screen for visibility.

Our doors are low maintenance, but there is a thing or two you can do to extend screen life. We recommend washing out the bottom track with a garden hose or compressed air once a season. Be sure to unroll the mesh as much as possible when doing this, because dirt and debris can get stuck inside the roll. Lubrication can damage some internal parts, so be sure to avoid it if possible.

Our rule of thumb is 6-7 years, but we service doors for the first time around 10 years if they have been cleaned out once or even twice a season. When we service the screen, we bring extra parts to replace anything that isn’t working well.

Lifetime warranty on metal and moving parts. 1-year warranty on the screen mesh. 

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The Single Retractable Screen Door will cover anything 100″ tall and 48″ wide. Slightly wider as a custom request.

Why Choose us

Proven Screen Leaders

Great service. Top screen and shade dealer in the Rockies.

Slim profile

Custom fit and ultra-low profile parts that don’t sacrifice functionality.

Low maintenance

One moving part with zero lubricants needed. Just vacuum out once a year.

Start designing

We have a variety of colors to match your home.

white      Almond color finish      tan finish      Brown finish      black      Mill Finish

white      Almond color finish      tan finish      Brown finish      black

**Custom colors also available